Disciplined Leadership Approach™

Top Down – Identifying Market Leadership


  • Identification of constructive market price behaviour in asset class/sector via proprietary risk models
  • Expanding breadth confirms a constructive price environment and helps indicate the sustainability of a theme
  • Contracting breadth provides early warning signals that a theme is playing out


  • Utilization of breadth and Barometer Risk ModelsTM to filter and rank asset classes/sectors that are showing relative outperformance
  • Portfolios are transitioned towards areas of relative strength while avoiding pockets of underperformance
  • Absolute return focus allows portfolios to exploit strength universally – avoids closet indexing
  • Daily review process ensures that holdings remain relevant

Investment Thesis

  • Investment thesis is developed to understand key forces supporting specific market/sector strength.
  • Developed thesis leads to the identification of investment candidates that best articulate prevailing investment themes.