Working with Investment Advisors

Partnering with Private Clients

Our Private Client Team works with you to ensure that your portfolio remains in line with your financial planning goals. Our clients have direct access to the Investment Team, their thoughts, and up-to-date commentary on what is relevant in the markets and their portfolios.

Barometer has a range of investment strategies and offers six Private Pools. Each is designed and built to meet various investment goals, objectives, risk tolerance and time horizons. Barometer will customize your portfolio specifically for your investment needs.

Barometer has a history of building strong relationships and each client receive a dedicated relationship manager who develop and maintain a personalized Investment Policy Statement which provides the investment framework and communication parameters tailored to client goals and objectives.

Based in Toronto, Barometer was established in 2001 to focus on the exclusive needs of the high-net-worth private investor. Its founding partners had already established careers in helping families manage their wealth and came together to provide a unique platform in response to what they observed as an increasingly institutionalized approach to portfolio management. Today the firm provides discretionary wealth management services to over 400 high-net-worth families in Canada and the United States.

Contact us if you would like to speak with someone in more detail about how Barometer may be able to assist you with your unique investment needs.