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The Barometer Disciplined Leadership Approach™

Three Factors That Impact Portfolio Returns

We actively address three factors in our portfolio returns: market, sector and security.

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An Absolute Return Manager

Our focus is on identifying emerging and durable themes, and understanding what is driving market behavior.

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Security Selection is the Difference

At Barometer, we focus on finding strong companies with valuable growth potential.

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Capturing Opportunity


Everyday we assess market risks, and identify market leadership through our top-down methodology.

Our process begins with a review of proprietary risk models, which analyze risk at the portfolio level.


We employ a daily screening process across all aspects of global securities.

Our bottom-up method is designed to proactively identify leading companies across all sectors of the market. This ensures that we have a strong set of portfolio candidates to consider.

Our investment processes provide both objectivity and transparency, which help to ensure ongoing engagement with our clients and advisor partners.

Protecting Your Capital

Being a good seller is just as important as finding the right investments in the first place.

Here at Barometer, we use careful monitoring to watch for signals of coming change. On top of this, our selling strategy adheres to the consistent use of stop/loss alerts, with clear exit prices for optimized security. Our methods are specifically designed to eliminate the rationalization and emotion from the selling decision, and make sure that a small downturn doesn’t turn into a disaster by using our unique defensive measures.

Our Disciplined Leadership Approach™ allows us to objectively manage client portfolios through all market conditions

Our Investing Strategies

We have several investment strategies and products to fit all of the specific needs of our investors.

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