The Barometer Disciplined
Leadership Approach™

Three Factors Impact Portfolio

Market, sector and security factors each have an impact on portfolio returns. We actively address all three of these factors in our investment process.

An Absolute Return Manager

We focus on identifying emerging and durable themes and taking the time to fully understand what’s driving behaviour.

Security Selection is the

At Barometer, security selection means finding companies that are “good, getting better” and not “broken, getting fixed.”

Capturing Opportunity


On a daily basis, we assess market risk and identify market leadership through our top-down methodology.

The process begins with a review of proprietary risk models to assess risk at the portfolio level. In effect, we are asking the question: is now the right time be invested?


We employ a daily screening process across the full universe of global securities.

The bottom-up process is designed to proactively identify leading companies across all sectors of the market to ensure that we have a robust set of portfolio candidates to consider.

Our investment process provides both objectivity and transparency, helping to ensure ongoing engagement with our clients and advisor partners.

Protecting Your Capital

Being a good seller is just as important as finding the right investments in the first place.

Through careful monitoring, we watch for signals of coming change. Our selling strategy adheres to the consistent use of stop/loss alerts, with clear exit prices for every security. This is specifically designed to eliminate the rationalization and emotion from the sell decision. In short, we make sure a small downturn doesn’t turn into a disaster by using defensive measures.

Our Disciplined Leadership Approach allows us to objectively manage client portfolios through all market conditions.

A proven track record of generating consistent returns regardless of prevailing market conditions.

2015 – 2016 Financial Crisis

During this period of global financial instability (triggered in part by the Shanghai market crash in June 2015), the S&P 500 Total Return Index fell -7.12%, while the Barometer Global Macro Pool (F) had a 0.28% gain. (*)

– 7.12%

Global Macro Pool

Holding the line on downside, even during the periods of steepest declines.

2008 Global Financial Crisis

Triggered initially by the subprime mortgage crisis in the U.S., this event eventually became a global financial crisis of significant proportions. During this period from September 2008 to February 2009 the S&P500 Total Return Index was down -23.67%, while the Barometer Tactical Income Pool (F) held its own at -7.80%. (*)

– 23.67%

Global Macro Pool

Consistently preserving capital in the most difficult markets.

2011 Market Fall

In August 2011, global market experience steep declines due to fears related to the European debt crisis, primarily of Spain and Italy. From June 2011 to August 2011 the S&P500 Total Return Index fell -6.13%, while the Barometer Tactical Income Pool (F) held the line with a drop of -0.61%. (*)

– 6.13%

Global Macro Pool

Investing Strategies

We have several investment strategies and products to match the specific needs of high net worth investors.

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