Working with Investment Advisors

Partnering with Investment Advisors

Barometer partners with select investment advisors across the country, bringing them a unique investment solution through our suite of private pools and prospectus fund offerings.

Our investment strategies range from core income to equity, to a global macro mandate, providing advisors with the tools they need to achieve their clients’ investment objectives. Barometer has a history of building strong relationships with advisors and providing them with new business initiatives, while supporting them with exceptional service and communication.

Having a history rooted within the dealer network, we have a great understanding of the needs of advisors and firmly believe in the value that they bring to Canadian investors. Our work, together with advisors, has helped grown our investment mandates to approximately $2.0 billion under management.*

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*Assets under management include separately managed client accounts, Barometer Private Pools, Barometer Group of Funds and investment advisory services to broker/dealers via an investment management platform, as at December 31, 2017.