The Power of Transparency

What is The Power of Transparency?

At Barometer Capital, we believe that The Power of Transparency is an important part of what sets us apart. But what does The Power of Transparency actually mean?

The Power of Transparency is the power that our clients and Advisor partners gain by having extraordinary insight into our holdings and open access to our Barometer team of experts.

The Power of Transparency

If knowledge is power, then power is transparency

The Power of Transparency is the empowerment that clarity of our process and knowledge of our holdings provide to our clients.

We are fully transparent about what we hold in each of our portfolios.

At any time, anyone is free to visit our website to see the current holdings in any of our mutual funds or private pools. This information is updated and published weekly.

The Power of Transparency manifests itself in many ways and another is direct access

The Power of Transparency doesn’t end with being forthright about our holdings.

Our clients and Advisor partners have the unique ability to find out – at any given moment – what we are doing or thinking, and why. Want to know what’s driving a certain investment decision? That’s The Power of Transparency through direct access to our investment experts.

The Power of Transparency at Barometer means that our clients always know where they stand. Since we follow a proprietary investment process (known as the Disciplined Leadership Approach™), how we are making decisions is not difficult for us to share. Nor should it be.

Being transparent means that it will be made clear to anyone who asks why we are taking the actions that we take. Our process is based on historical evidence that puts the likelihood of success in our favour. We are transparent about how we go about our business because we always follow our process.

So, if our clients have any questions or concerns, we encourage them to contact us – and we’ll have someone here who can speak with them. We always have time to listen and answer client questions about anything that we do.

You may not find this approach at every firm on the street, but you will find it at Barometer Capital.

And that is the Power of Transparency.

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