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Red Diamonds

Scarcity of Supply means Increased Demand

The Number of Companies Listed on U.S. Exchanges has Dropped Significantly The number of companies listed on U.S. exchanges has dropped dramatically since 1996: from a high of 8,823 to the current number of 5,296 — a drop of 40 per cent. With 40 per cent fewer public companies available on the markets, there is

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Yield curves have steepened.

Shhh. Yield Curves have Steepened.

While no one seems to be talking about it much, yield curves in both Canada and U.S. have steepened in the past month. What does this mean? Not surprisingly, banks have started to perform well again as a result.

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Industrials take the lead

Industrials take the Lead

According to a recent study by Strategas*, statistics show that industrials are starting to lead the market, largely driven by impressive earnings. Strategas noted: “We remain impressed with the response from the Industrial stocks this earnings season – the sector is having its best 10-day performance run since the 2016 election and new highs are

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Things may not be exactly as they seem.

Worried over concerns that we’re in a narrow market?

Things may not be exactly as they seem According to a recent study* by Strategas, the case for a narrow market is likely being overstated. In their Technical Strategy Daily Report (July 23, 2018), Strategas noted that while the market has been somewhat split this year, the largest stocks have not been as overly dominant

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The unexpected impact of car hailing.

The Unexpected Impact of Ride Sharing and Car Hailing Services

The Unexpected Impact of Ride Sharing and Car Hailing Services With the ever-increasing universe of ride sharing options taking global cities by storm, there may be an unanticipated impact to all of this. While it may be counter-intuitive, evidence is showing that the explosion of ride sharing options is actually leading to an increase in

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The New Barometer Capital website is now live at

Enhanced digital interactivity allows us to share more information in more ways The Power of Transparency is an important part of how we approach our business at Barometer and with the launch of our new website, we have taken a big step forward in being able to deliver on that objective through digital media. Over

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Brian, Jim and Adam - Barometer Award

Barometer Disciplined Leadership Balanced Fund Awarded FundData A+ Award

We are very proud to have received Fundata’s A+ Award for our Barometer Disciplined Leadership Balanced Fund ~ Awarded on January 25, 2018 for the calendar year of 2017. Pictured (left to right) Barometer’s Brian MacNicol, Jim Schetakis and Adam Jacobson. The FundGrade rating system assesses Canadian investment funds  using three risk-adjusted performance metrics: Excess

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