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Investment Strategy Update with David Burrows, August 2018

An investment strategy update by David Burrows, President and Chief Investment Strategist with Barometer Capital. This update was originally recorded as a call on August 30, 2018 and covers what is happening in the markets and how Barometer Capital is positioned in our portfolios. \ Learn More About Barometer If you are an Investment Advisor

David Burrows’ Market Outlook – July 18, 2018

David Burrows, president of Barometer Capital Management, shares his outlook for the markets on BNN Bloomberg, with a focus on North American large caps. The complete sequence in eight parts. Part 1: Is the U.S. market being dragged higher by the tech stocks? Part 2: David’s opinion on Stanley Black & Decker and how he

Big bounce higher in U.S. stocks ahead

If you’re turning cautious on the U.S. equity market you’re making a big mistake, according to David Burrows, President and Chief Investment Strategist at Barometer Capital Management. He sees the potential for a rise of 15 to 20 per cent in the U.S. market over the next nine to 12 months.

Did Canada Make the Right Call on Aecon?

David Burrows, President & Chief Investment Strategist, Barometer Capital Management Inc., shares his views on the Canadian Government blocking the takeover of Aecon.